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Hi, I'm HegeKen

I personally spent a long time on the MIUI forum before, and the atmosphere was really good. You could freely explore things about ROMs andall, with flashing resources everywhere and complete tutorial resources. There were also answer groups in the comment section to answer users' questions.

In this way, I followed the tutorials on the forum to learn and practice, gradually learning some knowledge about flashing machines, and began the journey of playing games. My initial phone was Redmi Note 1 LTE (dior), the 1+8 version, and I flashed the development version when I first got it. Compared to my first ZTE U793, it can be said that there is a qualitative improvement, and the resources for flashing are abundant, which can be said refreshing.

Afterwards, I gradually became aware of the existence of the beta and alpha versions, and after experiencing several applications being rejected, I finally passed, which also opened up another adventure.

At that time, it was also very clear to see that the top posts of each model section on the forum would organize the stable version, development version, and other version flashing package data related to the model, which was particularly convenient.

Just like the former answer group's Slogan, "in order to continue the feeling of being helped", I also wondered if I could try to do something for the forum and MiFans. Coincidentally, upon seeing the recruitment post for the "Honory Developer Group", I was extremely excited when I received a private message notification from NanJie. With this excitement, I studied the details and operations related to the "Honory Developer Group" with great care and successfully passed the assessment, officially becoming a member of the "Honory Developer Group"

I started thinking about the opportunity to create a collection of ROM packages myself when I bought a "notorious" device - Mi 6. Thanks to the excellent performance of Mi 6, I got extra attention in the MIUI forum, and many friends trusted me, They asked me questions in private messages, comment areas and other places. I learned and made progress with all MiFans synchronously, we got along very well. Later on, I began to organize the flashing packages for the Xiaomi MIX 2S, Xiaomi 9, and Redmi K20 series simultaneously. At this time, Xiaomi decided to stop releasing beta version publicly, and the official download site itself was no longer updated. I continued to collect and update posts through the data stored in the early stage and web crawlers I built. Later developments were also forseeable, but shutting down the forum was actually unexpected for me.

The main reason for the official decision to close the forum is that Xiaomi has adjusted its development strategy and decided to merge with Xiaomi Community to establish a new community for MiFans.

Later, our group of "Honory Developer Group" members began to move to the new community to participate in the construction of the new community. However, due to the stricter management of posts in the new community, they does not allow beta version to be listed in posts. Therefore, I decided to establish a site to collect and update there. This is the source of the current site.

Recently, Xiaomi has started to limit the download speed under regular links, and there is currently no simple way to fix that, and I don't know how long it will last. Thank you all for your continuous support. I hope to meet you all here, always.

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