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DEV Detail of the week

Release date :2023.09.23 13:24:58

Version :V14., V14.

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▍Update instruction
  1. You can upgrade MIUI China Beta by 'Settings→My Device→MIUI version', please make sure you've backed up important personal data before update.
  2. Some devices will get these same features later some time, please view specific changelog in the 'System Update' App.
  3. China Beta: China Beta is a test version that MIUI Dev Team prepared for Geeky Mi Fans, more focused on feature testing and bug feedback, stablity is not predictable, We(MIUI Dev Team) thank you for all your support. Version is released according to the needs of the project and the actual situation, and there is a possibility of suspension, If you encounter bugs, please send us bug report in Xiaomi Community(China), and pay attention to the subsequent upgrade.
  4. In order to improve the user experience, bunch of the MIUI system APPs are Deodexed and can be upgraded in the Mi GetApps/Google Play . As a part of the MIUI system, some APPs bug fixes may not be included in this changelog , thank you for your understanding.
▍Version Information
  1. Starting from September 22, 2023, Xiaomi 11、Xiaomi 11 Pro、Xiaomi 11 Ultra、Redmi K40S、Redmi Note 11T Pro、Redmi Note 11T Pro+ will stop rolling MIUI China Beta updates.
  2. From 23 September 2023, we're suspending MIUI updates based on Android 13 for Xiaomi 13 Ultra,Xiaomi 13 Pro,Xiaomi 13,Redmi K60 Pro,Redmi K60 and Xiaomi MIX Fold 2 due to Android Update, we'll continue when it's ready, thanks for your understanding.
  3. China Beta based on Android 14 tests for Xiaomi 13&13 Pro is ending 23 September 2023, we'll continue release after those mentioned devices are ready, thanks for your support.
  4. For better user experience during the Chinese National holiday, we have planned to suspend MIUI China Beta updates ①. September 23 to October 6: suspending MIUI China Beta ②. October 13: China Beta continues.
  5. You can switch between MIUI China Beta and MIUI Stable ROMs while current Android Security Patch is the same or lower than the other one, thanks for your understanding.
The 616th MIUI Weekly Update Changelogs
  1. Optiminzing some factors affecting user experience.
Mi 11(venus)V14.
Mi 11 Pro/Ultra(star)V14.
Xiaomi 12(cupid)V14.
Xiaomi 12 Pro(zeus)V14.
Xiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity(daumier)V14.
Xiaomi 12S(mayfly)V14.
Xiaomi 12S Pro(unicorn)V14.
Xiaomi 12S Ultra(thor)V14.
Xiaomi 13(fuxi)V14.
Xiaomi 13(fuxi)V14.
Xiaomi 13 Pro(nuwa)V14.
Xiaomi 13 Pro(nuwa)V14.
Xiaomi 13 Ultra(ishtar)V14.
Xiaomi MIX Fold 2(zizhan)V14.
Xiaomi MIX Fold 3(babylon)V14.
Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4(dagu)V14.
Redmi Note 11T Pro/Pro+(xaga)V14.
Redmi K40S(munch)V14.
Redmi K50(rubens)V14.
Redmi K50 Pro(matisse)V14.
Redmi K50G(ingres)V14.
Redmi K50 Ultra(diting)V14.
Redmi K60(mondrian)V14.
Redmi K60 Pro(socrates)V14.
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