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Updated at:2023.03.29

Newly Added Devices :Redmi Note 12 Turbo

Update Log :

1 . Adding Chinese carrier editions for some devices, thanks to Odyssey_@CoolApk

MIUI China Beta Updates
China Beta Updated At : 2023.03.31

China Beta Versions :V14.,V14.

Weekly Changelog :The 593rd MIUI Weekly Update Changelogs

This Weeks China Beta Supports Following 32 devices :Mi 10S; Mi 10SMi 11; Mi 11Mi 11 Pro/Ultra; Mi 11 Pro/UltraMi 11 Lite 5G; Mi 11 Lite 5GXiaomi 12; Xiaomi 12Xiaomi 12 Pro; Xiaomi 12 ProXiaomi 12X; Xiaomi 12XXiaomi 12 Pro Dimensity; Xiaomi 12 Pro DimensityXiaomi 12S Pro; Xiaomi 12S ProXiaomi 12S Ultra; Xiaomi 12S UltraXiaomi 13; Xiaomi 13Xiaomi 13 Pro; Xiaomi 13 ProMi MIX FOLD; Mi MIX FOLDMIX 4; MIX 4Xiaomi MIX Fold 2; Xiaomi MIX Fold 2Xiaomi Pad 5; Xiaomi Pad 5Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Wi-Fi; Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Wi-FiXiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5G; Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 5GXiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4; Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro 12.4Xiaomi Civi; Xiaomi CiviXiaomi Civi 1S; Xiaomi Civi 1SRedmi Note 10 Pro 5G; Redmi Note 10 Pro 5GRedmi Note 11T Pro/Pro+; Redmi Note 11T Pro/Pro+Redmi K40; Redmi K40Redmi K40 Pro/Pro+; Redmi K40 Pro/Pro+Redmi K40 Gaming; Redmi K40 GamingRedmi K40S; Redmi K40SRedmi K50G; Redmi K50GRedmi K50; Redmi K50Redmi K50 Pro; Redmi K50 ProRedmi K50 Ultra; Redmi K50 UltraRedmi K60 Pro; Redmi K60 Pro

Stable Rom Updates
Stable ROM Updated:2023.04.01
Weekly Period :Week 13 of Year 2023(2023.03.27-2023.04.02)
  1. Mi 11(venus) :V14.0.3.0.TKBEUXM
  2. Mi 11 Lite 5G(renoir) :V14.0.8.0.TKICNXM
  3. Xiaomi 11T(agate) :V14.0.4.0.TKWMIXM;V14.0.2.0.TKWEUXM
  4. Xiaomi 11T Pro(vili) :V14.0.2.0.TKDIDXM;V14.0.2.0.TKDTRXM
  5. Xiaomi 12X(psyche) :V14.0.9.0.TLDCNXM
  6. Xiaomi 12T(plato) :V14.0.2.0.TLQTWXM;V13.0.6.0.SLQLMCR
  7. Xiaomi 13 Pro(nuwa) :V14.0.23.0.TMBCNXM
  8. Mi MIX FOLD(cetus) :V14.0.1.0.TJTCNXM
  9. Xiaomi Pad 5(nabu) :V14.0.5.0.TKXCNXM;V14.0.1.0.TKXTWXM;V14.0.1.0.TKXINXM;V14.0.1.0.TKXTRXM
  10. Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Wi-Fi(elish) :V14.0.3.0.TKYCNXM
  11. Redmi 9A/9AT/9i/9A Sport(dandelion) :V12.0.21.0.QCDEUXM
  12. Redmi 12C(earth) :V13.0.2.0.SCVTWXM
  13. Redmi Note 9(merlin) :V12.5.14.0.RJOMXAT
  14. Redmi Note 9 4G(lime) :V13.0.3.0.SJQMIXM;V13.0.3.0.SJQRUXM;V13.0.2.0.SJQTRXM
  15. Redmi Note 9 Pro(joyeuse) :V14.0.3.0.SJZTWXM;V14.0.3.0.SJZMIXM
  16. Redmi Note 9S/9 Pro(curtana) :V14.0.3.0.SJWMIXM
  17. Redmi Note 10 Pro 5G(chopin) :V14.0.5.0.TKPCNXM;V14.0.2.0.TKPMIXM
  18. Redmi Note 10 Pro/Pro Max(sweet) :V14.0.1.0.TKFTWXM;V13.0.10.0.SKFRUXM
  19. Redmi Note 10S(rosemary) :V13.0.5.0.SKLMXAT
  20. Redmi Note 11(spes) :V13.0.4.0.SGCMXAT
  21. Redmi Note 11 4G(selene) :V13.0.15.0.SKUMIXM;V13.0.10.0.SKUEUXM;V13.0.6.0.SKURUXM;V13.0.10.0.SKUIDXM;V13.0.6.0.SKUTRXM;V13.0.4.0.SKULMCR
  22. Redmi Note 11E/11R(light) :V14.0.3.0.TLSCNXM;V14.0.1.0.TLSTRXM;V13.0.3.0.SLSCLEN
  23. Redmi Note 11R(lightcm) :V13.0.19.0.SLSCNXM
  24. Redmi Note 11 Pro/Pro+/Pro+ 5G(pissarro) :V14.0.3.0.TKTEUXM;V14.0.2.0.TKTRUXM
  25. Redmi Note 11S 5G(opal) :V13.0.4.0.SGLMIXM
  26. Redmi Note 12 Turbo(marble) :V14.0.1.0.TMRCNXM;V14.0.2.0.TMRCNXM;V14.0.3.0.TMRCNXM;V14.0.5.0.TMRCNXM;V14.0.8.0.TMRCNXM;V14.0.9.0.TMRCNXM;V14.0.10.0.TMRCNXM
  27. Redmi Note 12 4G(tapas) :V14.0.2.0.TMTMIXM;V14.0.4.0.TMTMIXM
  28. Redmi K30 Pro(lmi) :V14.0.1.0.SJKMIXM
  29. Redmi K40(alioth) :V14.0.2.0.TKHIDXM;V14.0.1.0.TKHTRXM
  30. Redmi K40 Pro/Pro+(haydn) :V14.0.5.0.TKKCNXM
  31. Redmi K50 Ultra(diting) :V14.0.8.0.TLFEUXM
  32. Redmi K60 Pro(socrates) :V14.0.23.0.TMKCNXM
  33. POCO C31(angelicain) :V12.0.10.0.QCRINRF
  34. POCO M5(rock) :V13.0.11.0.SLUINXM
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